was born following my second pregnancy with TWINS!

BumbleBeez was born following my second pregnancy with TWINS! At the time I conceived the idea, my hands were (and still are) extremely full with newborn twins and an 18-month-old!

It started when I tried to bathe the girls for the first time on my own after my partner had returned to work. I quickly found myself in a scary and dangerous situation.

The first problem that arose when figuring out how to get them both into the bath. One was in the bath and the other was on a changing mat. To get the second baby into the bath, I had to let go of the baby in the bath, and quickly get the second baby into the bath and brace both of their heads again and prevent them from going under the water. To further add to the stress, my 18-month-old was jumping around the bathroom demanding ice cream! I was absolutely beside myself, and bathing the girls hadn’t even started!

I started searching the Internet for anything that resembled a twin bath and to my amazement found nothing. I tried to squeeze two single baby bath supports into the bath, which unless your bath is enormous isn’t possible either! The shower was a total no-go as it was far too slippery and cold and even more dangerous.

As the months went by, I did find a product that seats twins on a mat, but it only accommodated babies over 6 months that are sitting up unaided. My twins were born prematurely at 35 weeks and until 7-8 months weren’t sitting up unaided. That’s a long time to be without any support in the bath.

What I needed was something that didn’t exist. Something that accommodated newborn twins that kept them in safe positions and allowed me to wash them alone without having to rely on other people to help! At that point, the invention process began and after four years of development we can proudly welcome to the market ‘The Twin Bath.’

The Twin Bath allows the babies to be side by side, which keeps them happy as twins are extremely close, it’s all they know. It then enables you to have your hands free to wash them and move freely. Having twins is difficult, but it becomes even more difficult if you don’t have the right equipment required to make life that bit easier and, in this case, safer. 

Bath time isn’t only just for hygiene purposes.  It contributes to establishing bedtime routines and I found that once the girls had a regular consistent bath time, bedtimes, and sleep patterns improved drastically (another crucial factor for both babies and mothers!).

I hope that my product helps millions of twin parents manage one of the most crucial factors of daily routine a lot easier, safer and with much less stress!